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We have been manufacturing and exporting an extensive range of Indian furniture both in wooden and wrought iron for any house which includes namely beds, TV cabinets, sideboards, almirahs, shelves, bookrack, wine rack, boxes, bathroom shelves, kitchen wall units, takhat, dinning table, coffee table, side tables, chairs, consoles and much more. To add on top of all these we also have a wide range of accessories, which are essential to finish any room.

We have also been successfully manufacturing and maintaining the high qualities in customised designs send to us by our clients according to the changing fashion in their countries.

Our aim is to provide good quality furniture and other home accessories at an affordable price. This website will enable you to see the style and AEriety of our products and a glimpse of out craftsmanship which can be fully appreciated only when you see the real products.

The Production Process

Our furniture is produced in Jodhpur situated in the northern part of India. All furniture is made of 100 percent Sheesham wood (Dalbergia Sissoo), which is a hard wood with properties similar to walnut and mahogany. This wood is chemically treated in a chamber to eradicate any bugs or pests (termites etc.) The wood is then transferred to a drying kiln where the moisture content is reduced to approx 6-7 percent. This is a much more effective and reliable form of drying than the sun-drying method that is more commonly used. By drying the wood properly, the future risk of movement and cracking in the wood is greatly reduced. Sheesham wood naturally consists of both light and dark wood, so a potassium permanganate stain is applied to give it a uniform finish.

Each and every product of made by skilled craftsmen and to make sure of the quality there is a quality control check made by our inspectors that also include the spirit level check to ensure that each and every product is balanced and level.

The Polishing and Packing

In our in house finishing unit we are able to provide AErious finish to wood from French polish furniture finish to the antique finish.  
Natural wax and shellac is being used to bring out the grain of the very fine Indian sheesham wood.
Finally, the furniture is individually wrapped in three layers of protective packaging before being put in cartons. The container is then stuffed at the factory and checked where the doors are sealed until the shipment reaches your doorstep.



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